Friday, January 23, 2009

Jack Quinlan

He died way too young, in a car accident in 1965. Jack Quinlan was the play-by-play man for the Cubs on their radio broadcasts from the late 50s until the time of his death. And he was a good one...

AUDIO: Jack Quinlan play by play from 1964

If he were alive today, Jack would be turning 82.

(Photo: Jack with former Cub Alvin Dark)

The Cubs are going commando

According to the Tribune today...

"The Cubs sued apparel maker Under Armour in federal court Thursday for allegedly reneging on a five-year, $10.8 million sponsorship contract to have its logo displayed on the outfield doors in left- and right-center fields."

No more undies for the Cubs. This should help draw the female fans.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our new President talks to real Chicagoans

I don't know if you caught this moment at the Illinois Inaugural Ball tonight. President Obama was talking to a group of Chicagoans stationed in Afghanistan live via satellite hookup. I believe there were six of them, and he asked each of them if they rooted for the Cubs or the Sox. 4 of them said the Cubs.

I'm looking for the video. If you see it anywhere, please let me know so I can post it. Love ya, Mr. President, but let's remember who is the #1 team in Chicago, shall we?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kerry Wood, Class Act

I was touched by Kerry Wood's ad in the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune.

It says...
"It has been an honor to have been a Chicago Cub for the last 13 years and to have played in the greatest ballpark, Wrigley Field. My deepest thanks go to my teammates and the Cubs organization for taking a chance on a kid from Texas and welcoming me into the Cubs family. Thank you Cubs fans, the greatest fans in all of baseball, for believing in me and supporting me over the years. I will always be proud to have been a Chicago Cub. Although I'm a member of a new 'Tribe,' I will forever be a Chicagoan."

White Sox fans have always been mystified about why Cubs fans were so loyal to Kerry Wood. This is why. Kerry Wood was, and always will be, a class act.