Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trachsel's take on McGwire

Steve Trachsel was the pitcher that served up #62 to McGwire in 1998.

He was interviewed about the McGwire controversy yesterday on ESPN Radio in Chicago and said something that I always suspected: Sammy and McGwire didn't even like each other.

The full story is here.

Even though Trachsel was a decent pitcher, he was never one of my favorites. He was soooooo slooooooooow on the mound. Every game he pitched took forever. But I will never forget the game he pitched in that one-game playoff game to win the wildcard in 1998. Without him, the Cubs wouldn't have won the right to be swept in three straight by the Braves.

You don't just forget something like that.

Monday, January 11, 2010

McGwire admits it

"I used steroids" says Mark McGwire.

This news is obviously not a shock, but I give McGwire credit for admitting it.

Sammy...your turn.

Andre's #8

I love Andre Dawson as much as any Cubs fan, but when I saw this article it made me wonder if he really should go in the Hall of Fame as a Cub.

The Cubs say they will retire his #8 if he does.

He's definitely a worthy Hall of Famer. He's definitely one of my favorite Cubs. But he only played in Chicago for six seasons. It feels a little odd to retire his number, doesn't it?

Look at those other retired numbers. Ernie was a Cub for 19 seasons. Billy was a Cub for 16 seasons. Ryno was a Cub for 15 seasons. Santo was a Cub for 14 seasons. Fergie was a Cub for 10 seasons. Maddux was a Cub for 10 seasons.

Am I wrong? It doesn't feel right, does it?

William Walker

On this date in 1934, the Chicago Cubs named a seafood salesman as their team president.

Read all about William Walker here.