Friday, October 10, 2008

National Rip Jobs

Here are two videos. First of all, SNL (and Cubs fan Bill Murray) take their shots at the beloved. It's pretty funny (go to the 3:30 remaining point if you don't want to watch the whole thing).

This is also the official Daily Show version of the video ripping Cubs fans. Again, we must be able to laugh at ourselves...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grandfather shirt

I wasn't even thinking today when I went to the store wearing my "Grandfather" shirt. I must have been stopped by a dozen people asking me where I got it. I got it right here at JOBC. It's on the second page of our apparel section in the Souvenir Stand (along with our Toothless onesie), so a lot of people have missed it. Trust me, both of those items on page 2 are conversation starters.

Mean-mails, we get mean-mails

The one downside of running your own Cubs website is that when the Cubs inevitably blow it, a certain element of society jumps out of their dens of darkness to rub your face in it. You know who they are...they might be e-mailing you too.

Instead of questioning what kind of a person takes joy in additional suffering for people who have experienced nothing but misery for a century (I have a word for them, but this is a family site), I read each e-mail as if it comes from a totally sane person.

Looking at it that way allows me to suspend my sensitivity, and appreciate the mean humor. I've even gotten a few pictures that actually made me laugh. Here are my two favorites so far...

This one hit a little too close to home, but I must admit--it's funny...

This next one is labeled "New Cubs Flag." Gotta say...pretty funny.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Daily Show rips Cubs fans

This is sad. I watch this show every night, but I didn't watch Tuesday night because of the debate. And what did they do the first time my back was turned? They ripped and me, Cubs fans.

Take a look. The video quality isn't great, but you get the idea.

Daily Show breaks down "undecided voters"

Thank you, Sun Times

Elliott Harris had another nice little writeup (and picture) about us in the Sun-Times today. It was the lead item in his column. He writes: "The fine folks at report sales of their T-shirt have increased since the Cubs were swept by the Dodgers in the National League Division Series. Possibly because of the Cubbie with a teardrop. Plans for next season (for the Internet site, not the Cubs) call for a slight adjustment so that the T-shirt will read ''1908-2008 -- and counting.''"

Thanks Elliott! Get your t-shirts here.

Cubs fans selling loyalty on eBay

And I thought I was ticked off...

Read this article in today's Tribune: Fan puts Cubs loyalty up for sale on eBay.

He's only 30 years old too. My guess is that the next time they're good, he'll be sucked in again. (And so will we...sigh)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

E-mails, we get e-mails...

I've gotten e-mails from all over the country since (the event we won't speak of), but this is one that really touched me. It was from an Angels fan...

As a fan of the *other* team that really deserved to advance to the World Series this year, I just want you to know that I think you've got a great site here. I'm a believer in history and think that what you've done to present it, both in content and in tone, is excellent.

So many other teams - including the Angels - have gotten spoiled by frequent trips to the playoffs and become unjustly frustrated by not getting to the World Series every time they think they are due. We gotta remember there are 29 other teams out there also working for that goal and that the joy of the sport is an important part of the reward, regardless of how the season ends.

For what it's worth, I really do hope that the Cubs make it to the World Series soon. And as much as I'd like to see the Angels go back too, I kinda hope that we never have to face the Cubs there, at least until the Cubs finally notch another World Championship for themselves. I just know that the all the world except our own fans would be rooting for the Cubs. And if the Cubs play anyone but the Angels (loyalty is loyalty), I'll be rooting for them too.

Best Regards,

Monday, October 6, 2008

Second Thoughts

One of my day jobs is writing a column for NWI Parent magazine. I have a weekly column called "Father Knows Nothing" in which I write about the challenges of raising my three boys.

This week I wrote a column that might hit home for you too. It's about the second thoughts I'm feeling now about raising my kids to become Cubs fans. You can read it here.

Viva Dane Placko!

Dane Placko is a good friend of mine, and has been a welcome contributor to the site this season with his great Cubs stories. You may have seen this video, this video, or this video previously.

But Dane's day job is reporter/anchor on Fox-32 News in Chicago. This past weekend he combined his love of the Cubs with newscaster job on his Sunday morning show, and it was a classic. Dane the reporter interviewed Dane the Cubs fan.

You've got to watch the video here

Get your JOBC merchandise!

The stuff has been flying off the shelves since the end of the (unmentionable events of the past week).

Thanks to Elliott Harris of the Chicago Sun Times for printing this lovely picture today.

If you haven't yet checked out our Souvenir Stand, it's right here. The shirt and the hat in this picture are both available there, as are a few other designs. We've also got a nice selection of 1908 Cubs merchandise if you'd like to own a piece of history...of a Cubs team that actually did win the World Series.

By the way, this shirt is available now too. Can you think of a more accurate representation of your feelings right now?