Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank you Elliott Harris!

Elliott Harris of the Chicago Sun Times featured us in his column today along with a photograph of our most popular shirt. (Photographs by Gabriel Guzman)

Elliott writes:

"A CENTURY OF REGRESS: Cubs fans, your shirts are ready

Winning just might fit Cubs fans to a T.

Or a T-shirt, as the case may be.

More than one celebrates the Cubs' rich (though fairly futile) history. How else can you explain a shirt bearing a likeness of a bear cub shedding a tear? It is a product of JustOneBadCentury, an Internet site with insight to 1908, the last time the team won the World Series.

''Jack Brickhouse once said, 'Anybody can have a bad century,' and our Web site chronicles the unique, tortured and fascinating Chicago Cubs century of ''not winning,'' editor-in-chief Rick Kaempfer told Quick Hits.

''We were inspired to create the T-shirt because now that the Cubs are winning, 'Losing is soooo last century.'''

He featured this photograph in the paper...

And this photograph on line...

But we didn't get this one to him on time....

Where can a gal or fella buy those shirts and hats? Right here!