Tuesday, August 12, 2008

E-mails, we get e-mails...

I got the following e-mail from Nancy Berg...

"Rick, I love your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a true Cubs fan, born in Logan Sq, and my dad was a baseball scout as well, I cannot tell you how happy I am that Lou Pinella is making my lifelong dream come true...total Cubs domination. I was at all 4 Cubs vs SF Giants games (i live outside of SF), as were a million other CUBBY fans.

When I saw your youtube site, and then went to your website i felt AT HOME (plate)! I have forwarded both to at least 50 people! My dad knew Jack Brickhouse (to me he IS the voice of the Cubs) and to see the interview with his wife was great. I enjoy your fan interviews and stories. Thank you so much. I really miss Chicago.

My son, who is 11 and born in California is finally catching Cubs fever. Last night he wove a story worthy of preservation, about the Cubs winning the Series, while subconsciously dressed in CUBS BLUE! Rick, we came home this year to see the Cubs for my birthday (april 3) and my son ended up at Children's ER with a terrible flu. It would have been his first game at Wrigley. No Cubs, but my die-hard friends in Chicago rallied around his bedside (and missed a game as well). True Cubs story. We entered the tickets contest! I'm going to order a shirt today. Rick, YOU are Mr. Cub 2!

I am moved to poetry about the Cubbies:

Oh, Mighty Cubs
The legends say
The fans will never see the day
When Cubbie hitters slam the ball
o'er sacred ivy covered walls
of Wrigley Field
taking the series in 4
In 2008 we'll wait no more
As our Mighty Cubs even the score
As history is made
As bleacher bums rejoice
Oh Mighty Cubs hear our voice
Our year
Is here