Thursday, October 16, 2008

The merchandise is in the mail

We got so many orders in the JOBC Souvenir Stand over the last few weeks that we temporarily ran out of stock. Never fear! The new shipment is in, and we sent out all the back-ordered t-shirts on Thursday. The hat orders go out on Friday.

Plus, our stock is now completely replenished, so if you've been waiting to place your order, now is the time to do it...

Whether you want our very popular "Crying Cub" shirt

Or our unbelievably popular Crying Cub hat

Or our signature "JOBC Logo" shirt

Or our "Losing is sooo last century" shirt

Or our "Great-Great Grandfather shirt" (Note: The model for this shirt is not related to the other models.)

We've got 'em in stock, so order away. Here's a link to the Souvenir Stand.