Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Smiling, but crying

She's smiling because the team with the most losses in history, and the most ex-Cubs on their roster (Jamie Moyer, Scott Eyre, and Matt Stairs, and heck first base coach Davey Lopes), won the World Series tonight. Her shirt is crying because there's another team that had gone far far longer without a championship.


But doesn't that shirt look good? Where on earth can you get one of those? Oh wait a minute...are they available here? Why yes they are...along with those cool Crying Cub hats that are flying off our shelves.

By the way, I know this shows what a complete and utter geek I am, but when Eric Hinske came to the plate I said to my boys: "He's going to make the last out. He's a former Cubs draft choice" (17th round in 1998...traded to the A's for Miguel Cairo). Sure enough. Strike one. Strike two. Strike three.