Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cub fan, Jail man

Here's a picture of Governor Rod Blagojevic on Opening Day last year at Wrigley Field. He was there for the unveiling of the Ernie statue.

I don't know Rod personally (I met him twice in passing--the last time was at Game 2 of the 2008 playoffs), but I understand he really is a die-hard Cubs fan since childhoood.

On the other hand, I just read the statement from Patrick Fitzgerald. One of the potential charges involves extorting the Tribune to fire editorial staff in exchange for the state securing the sale of Wrigley Field.

That is so Cubs.

A die-hard Cubs fan may be going to jail for (among other things) trying to extort the Cubs, and in the process helps to make our state the laughing stock of the nation.

That is so Cubs.