Monday, January 11, 2010

Andre's #8

I love Andre Dawson as much as any Cubs fan, but when I saw this article it made me wonder if he really should go in the Hall of Fame as a Cub.

The Cubs say they will retire his #8 if he does.

He's definitely a worthy Hall of Famer. He's definitely one of my favorite Cubs. But he only played in Chicago for six seasons. It feels a little odd to retire his number, doesn't it?

Look at those other retired numbers. Ernie was a Cub for 19 seasons. Billy was a Cub for 16 seasons. Ryno was a Cub for 15 seasons. Santo was a Cub for 14 seasons. Fergie was a Cub for 10 seasons. Maddux was a Cub for 10 seasons.

Am I wrong? It doesn't feel right, does it?