Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mean-mails, we get mean-mails

The one downside of running your own Cubs website is that when the Cubs inevitably blow it, a certain element of society jumps out of their dens of darkness to rub your face in it. You know who they are...they might be e-mailing you too.

Instead of questioning what kind of a person takes joy in additional suffering for people who have experienced nothing but misery for a century (I have a word for them, but this is a family site), I read each e-mail as if it comes from a totally sane person.

Looking at it that way allows me to suspend my sensitivity, and appreciate the mean humor. I've even gotten a few pictures that actually made me laugh. Here are my two favorites so far...

This one hit a little too close to home, but I must admit--it's funny...

This next one is labeled "New Cubs Flag." Gotta say...pretty funny.